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Disaster Recovery

High Availability Custom Co-location

"IT" DRaaS:

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)


Looking for a Recovery Plan that covers you when the unthinkable happens to your company's IT investment? PremCom can help - our Data Center Solutions can be part of your plan to get your business back up and running. Contact us for an analysis and options available for your particular needs.

Cloud Backup

Peace of mind - Cost Effective - Simple to Manage


Managed Backup

Will monitor your daily backups and utilize your existing Internet connection over a secure VPN. Your data is available for restoration of a single file or an entire backup if needed stored locally by a partner you can trust.

Our Image Based Recovery Solutions will restore your Failed Systems Faster. By taking a full image of the environment you can quickly restore a failed system without having to update all of the settings or manually move any data.


With Managed Backup you do not require an exact duplicate of the hardware to successfully restore. You can restore to different hardware, or even restore from physical-to-virtual or virtual-to-physical environments.


For customers with a critical need for up-time, Backup Manager will let you set up a local or remote hot standby to immediately fail-over and keep their systems operational.

Find Your "IT" Factor

PremCom works as a partner for CIOs, IT managers and tech support directors, providing not only assistance, but the deep bench they can rely on to help get work done.

The cloud is a must for business today, and finding the right solution can be integral to your data security, cross-location communications or even disaster recovery planning. PremCom is Your “IT” Factor to clear the air and deliver cloud services to keep your operations going.

Proactive outsourcing non-core IT Service Management responsibilities and functions. A strategic method intended to improve operations and cut expenses.


Looking for Your "IT" Factor?

We Can Help Guide You 

PremCom is a leading provider of communication and network services. We are committed to providing unique and creative solutions, using best of breed products aligned with our core principles.

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