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Video Conferencing

Everyone in the same room, without all the expense reports afterwards.

LifeSize® and PremCom have partnered with businesses of all types and sizes, offering unmatched performance and usability at a price tag that works within any company’s budget. LifeSize helps reduce your travel costs and other operating expenses that come with physically bringing people together.

LifeSize HD Video Conferencing lets the Conference Room go where you go. The LifeSize Video Center allows you to record and watch video segments at any given time.

The ease of use of the LifeSize system and the HD quality of video allows you the freedom to share on your own terms.

Make everyone feel like they are in the same room with these features:
  • Global collaboration and content sharing whenever busy schedules permit
  • Increased access to information and executives for all employees
  • Easier onboarding of new employees and dispersion of HR information
  • Shared presentations and training between offices in time zones all over the world
  • Better collaboration with partner companies throughout your aggregated business network
  • Special access for those who cannot make it to a business offsite or are out sick that day
  • Reduced carbon emissions and wasted time for travel to meetings

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